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    Success – Bike Ban on Trains Lifted!

    Wednesday 2nd February

    Wessex Trains has today lifted its peak-hour ban on bicycles, following a protest by Bath Cycling Campaign last week (see below).

    We are very pleased that Wessex Trains has made this move. It will make things easier for those who wish to commute with their bike, or wish to travel further afield with their bikes, joining connecting services at Bristol. It will help to promote cycling, and reduce the need to travel by car.

    This is the first direct action protest that Bath Cycling Campaign has organised, and we are delighted that it has achieved its objective so quickly.

    For more details, see:

    Story on BBC News: Train firm goes back on bike ban
    Story in the Bath Chronicle: Wessex Trains Make U-Turn on Cycle Policy

    Bath Cycling Campaign has campaigns on several other issues in preparation, and we are planning further events that will capture people’s attention and imagination. Earlier this week, the Campaign launched its objectives, which map out our areas of concern, and how they need to be tackled.
    Bikes on Trains!

    Monday 24th January

    Bath Cycling Campaign hit the local TV, radio and newspapers today, with their first direct action event.

    Ironing boards the trainMembers of the campaign boarded an early morning Bath to Bristol train with a variety of bulky objects, including an ironing board, inflatable toys, dining chair and a step ladder.

    The aim of the action was to demonstrate to the press the absurdity of the blanket ban on bicycles, even when there is enough space for them. The ban does not create significant extra space for other users, but results in the dedicated bike compartments being empty and unused.

    Our action was very successful in attracting significant interest from the media. For more details, see:

    Story in the Bath Chronicle: Bikes are a big issue for train campaigners
    Story on BBC News: Bike protest takes to the rails

    The bike/train combination should be encouraged as a sane alternative to having more cars on the roads during peak hours. If you are unhappy about not being able to take your bike on local trains, we’d like to hear from you.
    Send us an email, and tell us how you have been affected by this ban.

    About the Group

    The Bath Cycling Campaign works to promote and encourage responsible cycling in the Bath area, in the west of England.

    We believe that cycling brings many benefits, for cyclists and also for the wider community:

    Fewer car journeys, so less pollution and less road congestion
    Improved health and fitness
    Quieter, safer neighborhoods
    Cycling is fun and sociable

    You can read full details of our objectives.

    New members are always welcome. If you’d like to get involved, just come along to a meeting, or join our e-group.

    We have an email list (e-group) that keeps members in touch with the latest news about what’s happening in the Bath Cycling Campaign. To join the e-group, simply send a blank email to, or sign up at the e-group home page,

    General meetings are normally held monthly, on the third Monday of the Month, from 7.30pm at the Rummer public house. The Rummer is in Grand Parade, Bath, overlooking Pultney weir. Find us in one of the upstairs function rooms. If you are traveling some distance, check for messages on the e-group near the date for confirmation.

    You can read reports on some of our past meetings.

    If you want to know more, contact, or phone 01225 431213.

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